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Product Sampling and Displays

Grass roots’ marketing is still one of the single most effective promotional methods available. No other strategy can place your products, merchandise or services in closer, direct, face-to-face contact with your targeted demographics. More importantly, the personal nature of face-to-face marketing consistently offers better results than almost any other type of product advertising campaign.

If your goal is to reach thousands of consumers in a short period of time, consider bringing your product sampling/display campaign to the Oliver Road Flea Market. The Flea Market, with its 50,000 to 60,000 expected visitors every weekend, may be the ideal product sampling and product display venue available to advertising or marketing firms, and their clients in the entire Mid West area. From automobiles to food products, health-care remedies to cellular phones… just about every type of product can receive a big local boost in product awareness by “taking it to the streets” at The Olive Road Flea Market.

About The Flea Market…
The Flea Market has been the Mid West’s Bargain Shopping destination.  50,000 to 60,000 customers expected every weekend!
The Flea Market has more colorful alleys and treasure-laden corridors. The ultimate bargain hunting experience with more sellers selling collectibles, arts and crafts, clothing for the entire family, furniture, automobiles, power tools, home and audio electronics… just about everything under the sun! Plus… you’ll find more restaurants and snack bars serving a wide variety of foods; mobile beverage carts; incredibly clean restrooms; arcades & playgrounds for the kids; and our world famous Produce Row, featuring fresh produce from all over the world.
The Flea Market customer base is the classic melting pot of demographic groups including Hispanic, Vietnamese, White, Chinese, Filipino, Afro-Americans, and Indians etc.
The Flea Market “regulars” also fall under the consumer categories of families… youth… seniors… male… female… parents… and singles.
The friendly, experienced Flea Market staff has been assisting and successfully dealing with large crowds. They are ready to help you meet your objectives, and your client’s objectives as well.

Sampling & Product Display Opportunities Available Everyday.
Product Sampling & Display Pricing Information is Available upon request.
Spaces for Product Sampling are typically 17’ x 20’ but can be larger if necessary.
Prices may vary, and can depend on location, the time of the year, the number of spaces required, number of product sampling/display days requested, etc.

For additional Information…
Please call The Olive Road Flea Market Marketing Department: 408-829-7780 or Mary Woods 937-630-2491

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I have purchased so many things thru Olive Road Flea Market and i would like to say thanks for the prompt delivery of goods with better quality. Hats up to your service.


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